The Slutty Brownie

Three layers consisting of chocolate chip cookies, double stuffed Oreos and topped with fudge brownies, this beautiful creation was introduced to me at my best friend’s bachelorette party. Her sister baked them and had them waiting for us when we arrived at a beach house in Delaware. Let’s just say I’ve never been the same after making these.

Love at first sight.

Love at first sight.

This was adapted from The Londoner ( and I am forever in her debt for her gift to us.

My Version of the The Slutty Brownie Recipe

Yeilds: +/-24 depending how you cut 


-1 Box (or bag) of chocolate chip cookie mix

-1 Box of fudge brownie mix

-Eggs needed for the mixes

-Oil and water need for the mixes

-2 Packs of Double Stuffed Oreos

-9″x13″ pan

-Aluminum foil or parchment paper or grease proof paper (not completely necessary)


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and line pan with foil or paper. If you don’t have either, no worries! Spray that sucker with a non-stick spray and roll with it.

2.  Mix the chocolate chip cookie mix according to the directions on the box.  You will want the mix to be a little gooey-er (if that is a word) that what you would anticipate for making regular cookies.  This will allow you to spread it on the bottom of the pan ala example picture below:


3.  Now you layer the Oreos on top of the chocolate chip cookie layer.


4. Mix brownie mix according to package.  Don’t over mix.  I honestly don’t know what will happen if you over mix it, but I felt it was necessary to say (I’m no Candace Nelson people).  I’d assume it gets tough and won’t be as moist and fluffy and delicious, but I usually go 5 strokes over the 50 at most because I’m too scared to find out don’t want it to go all The Blob on me.  Now that, that is all over, you can pour it over the cookie layers.


4. Pop it into the oven and bake for 20 to 30 minutes.  This is the tricky part because you don’t want to over bake and make it too dry.  If you are using actual fudge brownie mix, when you stick a toothpick into it, it is going to come out looking wet when it is actually just fudgey.  I can only say use your best judgement on baking time because it really depends on what kind of brownie mix you buy. I usually take them out when the edges start to pull away from the sides and the top of the brownie looks done.  And remember when you take them out to cool, it is still warm enough that will still be “baking” outside of the oven, so you may want to take them out sooner than you think!

5. After you take them out, let them cool for a few minutes.  I like to cut them when they are still a bit warm and the fudgey goodness gooes out when you cut.  If you put foil or parchment/grease paper into the pan, you can pull it out and then cut.  If not, just carefully cut in the pan (I’m pretty anal about using knives in my non-stick pans, hence the carefully).

And here is the final creation:


Not gooey because I think I used a mocha brownie mix for this particular batch

I usually cut so that the Oreo is in the middle, so the number of brownies depend on how many Oreos I had that day to use.  Other days, I just cut willy-nilly and slice them in half.

However you cut, you will be sure to enjoy these easy and delicious treats!


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