Once Upon a Time..

I was in grad school and instead of writing papers, I decided to take up baking.  During my culinary adventure, I discovered Pinterest, which added to my procrastination.  I also started a job with the Walt Disney Travel Company and made friends who were more than happy to sample my creations.  The happily ever after? A 3.8 GPA and some really yummy stuff!

I wanted to start this blog because I’m pretty sure there are more people out there that would like to try baking and weren’t sure how to go about it.  And also, because there have been times at 2am during all-nighters where I decided I wanted cookies and realized that my cravings monsters didn’t care that we were out of butter or oil (or both) and have come up with crazy and surprisingly good alternatives to missing ingredients that I thought were share-worthy!

I’ll expand more later about me and begin to upload past recipes (as well as current ones) 🙂  I hope this encourages you all to try a hand at baking and you all enjoy these recipes as much as I have!

And please bear with me while I figure out this whole blogging thing!


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